Academic Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host & Community Leader

 This is a space carved out for YOU!! We're practicing self-care rooted in action. We're shifting the goals on the to-do list and placing them into the category of goal accomplished!

My goal is to work with you and share how to highlight your skillsets and assets. Through our collective work, you'll become YOUR best version and, yes, a leader if so desired! We're moving now… working to leave a mark not only for ourselves, but for future generations. Let’s get to work!

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Academic Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host, and Community Leader

I've spent the last ten years building a community of Black women who support, encourage, and lift each other up. Being on stage, behind a podcast mic, or in a classroom, I've learned connection is something we should both be seeking and offering. Join me as I work on and through life's adversities and possibilities, while sharing stories of growth and accomplishment.

Looking for close community and meaningful conversation?

You're in the right place. 

I’m a lover of academia, conversation, and community. I’m big on family, self-growth, and financial freedom. I love connecting people with others who are like-minded and am always setting the table for one more!

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Land your perfect job and get paid what you're worth with a resumé you're finally proud to hand over. I'll help you design a keyword-rich resumé that will match job postings so you can get hired faster and paid more.


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Public Speaking

After working in the academic world for over fifteen years, I've come to learn it's all about connection. My talks highlight the connection we're all seeking and looking to give through leadership and community building.



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The Podcast

A podcast that informs, connects and protects the spirit, honor, and vulnerability of black women as they work on and through life's adversities and possibilities, while sharing their stories, growth, and accomplishments!

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Real conversations candidly exploring  black women working through personal and professional goals while highlighting our successes along the way.


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